Shonen Games was present at LGA Play UCAB.

Jun 16, 2023 | News

On June 24, 2023, the finals of the LGA Play for Valorant and League of Legends took place at the Hermanos Lanz Auditorium at UCAB in Caracas.

Before discussing the event, I’d like to share a personal reflection on the recent changes in the gaming industry. I’m truly amazed by the sustained growth of the esports scene in the gaming world. The concept of tournaments, clans, and money involved in video games is not entirely new. In the 80s and early 90s, arcade tournaments were held with popular games like Tekken, Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter. By the late 90s, this format transitioned to cybercafés, particularly with games like Counter-Strike. However, these events had a local and niche appeal.

Today, there is a significant difference compared to the past, primarily related to the media coverage and the audience these events attract. A few months ago, I attended a gaming convention in Buenos Aires and was bewildered by the experience. There were live commentators narrating Valorant matches, recruiters’ stands, university programs focused on esports, and even prominent teams promoting themselves. It’s a whole new approach, with substantial growth and money involved. As someone rooted in the retro gaming era, it was hard for me to grasp, especially since my last gaming event was in 2009 at UNIMET, which consisted of developers, games, and people selling games.

It surprised me to learn that esports now have professional players who earn a monthly salary, receive training, and, in some cases, work 8-hour shifts, 5 days a week (because it has become a job). It’s mind-blowing for my retro head, especially considering that the same media outlets that demonized video games in the 90s now provide significant coverage and celebrate them endlessly (#Money, lol).

Having said all that, I’m thrilled that Venezuela is establishing itself as an important player in this field. Although these games may not be my cup of tea, I recognize the significance of any contribution to the industry’s growth. From this humble space, we’ll strive to cover and report on the latest news in the gaming scene, thanks to our Shonini Correspondent, Hugo Cifuentes.

Congratulations to RAIJIN ESPORTS, champions of the Split Aventura (League of Legends), and FUSION VENEZUELA, champions of the Spike Pro League – Season 1 (Valorant), for their performance and victories in their respective games.


Special thanks to Hugo Cifuentes, our Shonini correspondent in Venezuela, for providing us with all the information and coverage of the event. Also, heartfelt thanks to @edymar98, @sisoy_mimi, @steffu96, and @virgipotter for sharing their time and experiences at the event. Here are some videos they shared with Shonen Games:


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