We’re launching a New Website + Surprises

Jun 16, 2023 | News


Welcome to the 2.0 version of the Shonen Games website, upgraded, pimped, and empowered. ?✌?

Before I delve into all the things this new phase of Shonen Games will bring to you, our beloved Shoninis, let’s go back to the origins and review the journey we’ve taken so far.

Shonen Games was born a little before the quarantine (late 2019) as an idea for a podcast about retro gaming that was floating around in my head, but I wasn’t quite sure how to give it shape. We did a couple of tests, had some stumbling blocks in the beginning, but then, thanks to the unwavering support and unconditional help from Ale ❤️, we defined a video format. Ale got behind the camera, and we started experimenting. From this perfect partnership, a pilot episode emerged, which we would like to share with you as a celebration for the inauguration of the website. ?

This pilot/test was shared among several friends to get their feedback, and that’s where our dear CATOS come into action. They saw the potential of the idea, provided guidance on how to improve the format, added their touch, jazzed it up with rays and colors, and thus, magically, the original format of Shonen Games was born. ?

The idea and format resonated well, and that’s when we started to grow. The quarantine helped us with the initial boost, both in terms of audience and production capacity. But after a while, it became increasingly challenging to produce and progress with the content. Producing an episode (with all the toys and accessories on YouTube and social media) took us between 40 and 50 hours of work divided among at least 5 people. After producing and releasing the first season, we took a few months’ break, reevaluated, and returned in mid-2021 with the second season. We were fully charged and aimed to expand the content, focusing especially on video game franchises. We had a good start, but work and the challenges of the real world gradually slowed us down. Finally, in February 2023, with more pauses than episodes, we decided to close the season.

During the long breaks between episodes, we racked our brains trying to make Shonen Games a sustainable product over time. We finally broke the original mold we had been using and created content without visual references, sharing personal experiences about video games. This gave birth to Shonen Games Podcast, a format with a noticeable change in camera and script, being more free and anecdotal. We aim to share our perspective on the industry and how it impacted us during our childhood. In addition to this, we dared to do live broadcasts every week, testing retro games, providing interesting facts, and seeking to connect with you Shoninis in a closer way. ^^

Now, the natural evolution has arrived. With this new website, we want to go beyond being mere content creators. We aim to consolidate the Shonen Games brand in an innovative and different way through the release of video games that feature Shonenki and Ale as protagonists. This will allow you, our dear Shoninis, to have fun and earn benefits and prizes while playing.

In 2023, Shonen Games and this enhanced website will bring you:

  1. The creation and release of mobile games related (or unrelated) to Shonen Games.
  2. The launch of Shonen Coin, which is not a crazy cryptocurrency but a symbolic currency that can be exchanged for benefits on our website.
  3. The opening of our store, where you can acquire shirts, sweaters, mugs, and whatever else we come up with. ?✌?
  4. Raffles and giveaways of video games and consoles.
  5. Online video game tournaments among Shoninis.

We want Shonen Games to grow significantly starting this year. What do you say, Shonini? Will you join us on this new journey?

See you in the next entry! ^^