What do you think about MK1 Gameplay?

Sep 4, 2023 | News


Hey! Have you seen the Mortal Kombat 1 2023 gameplay? If you haven’t, don’t worry, I have all the info you need here.

In the 19:51 minutes story mode movie with an incredible mix of realism, we see Shang Tsung selling a super magnificent elixir to the townspeople that can eliminate all diseases, but oh, oh, an old buyer appears saying that he gave him his last penny for that so-called elixir and his daughter died anyway. How do you think that came out? Not good for Shang Tsung, you are right, but hey! Then we find out where he comes from and why he has spent such a miserable life; we even see when understanding that he will have everything he wants crosses his mind.

On the other hand, in The New Age, we see the farmers, Raiden and Kung Lao, the latter saying that he wants to be somewhere else other than there for the rest of his life, desiring adrenaline and excitement, to which Raiden tells him to make a bet… a bet! Hahaha, not the kind of adrenaline Kung Lao was talking about, but he accepts.

It is here where we see the excellence of this work. Upon arriving at Madam Bo’s bar (the same one that teaches them martial arts) to collect the bet and seeing that the result is not as clear as they thought, Raiden and Kung Lao decide to clear it up the easiest way they can, fighting each other. This is how the film’s first fight starts, where each character shows some of their typical combos.

Quickly, the second fight of this film begins where Kung Lao and Raiden must defend Madam Bo from Smoke. Even though the fight is between Kung Lao and Smoke, from time to time, Raiden appears and strikes in his favor; when he wins, none other than Sub-Zero and Scorpion show up, and the 3rd (Kung Lao vs. Scorpion) and 4th kombat (Kung Lao vs. Sub-Zero) of this story is unleashed, in both fights we see that Raiden and Sub-Zero/Scorpion join the action, every extra attack goes to the opponent, thus making a challenging and exciting scenario where too many things are happening all at the same time, which makes it the best scene to end this short.

Mortal Kombat 1 comes out on September 14, 2023. Have you done the Pre-Order yet? Are you ready to play it?

Here you have the video, so you don’t have to go crazy looking for it.

See you in the next one ^^y